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Criteria for Consideration of Miss Grand International (MGI) Contestants

Miss Grand International Organization will holistically consider the contestant's qualifications, including various movements from the moment of winning the national crown as a representative of the country until the moment before entering the official beauty pageant and until day 1 when the representatives of each country register to prepare for the beauty camp leading to do activities with the Miss Grand International Organization.

This can be considered that the Miss Grand International Organization will start scoring the contestants from the first day until the Final Show, the end of the pageant.

The Miss Grand International Organization considers the contestants based on a typical Miss Grand International style; that is, they must qualify for “Beauty with Readiness”, which means that besides being beautiful, the contestants must be ready with many other elements in terms of personality, a beauty queen body figure, the confidence like a model, dressing, knowledge, attitude, communication skills including the presentation of a unique identity that is outstanding and different from other contestants...

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In addition, they should be able to take care of their overview looks and be a good role model for society and the new generation. Moreover, they should have all-around abilities; both talent in the entertainment industry, ability as a public figure who can speak and present things effectively without harming themselves, the organization and others, and being flexible with working as a “Public Person.”

Most importantly, they can be able to work on their own, use their ideas to work, can take care of themselves, and always be ready from head to toe, including putting on makeup, doing hair and doing everything in its entirety to honestly answer the questions of being Miss Grand International.

Therefore, the Miss Grand International beauty pageant is considered to change and write a new page of the beauty pageant’s history. All these elements make the beauty pageant exciting, provocative, attractive, and unique and create entertainment at the World Class level and the only international beauty pageant looking for a beautiful woman with a complete set of 3 B’s (Body, Beauty, and Brain).

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