Our Team

Under the directorship of Kathryn Fanshawe former Miss Wales, we aspire to bring new life to the brand and continue to advocate for causes that are close to our hearts.

Our plan is to unite Miss Grand England, Wales, Scotland & Northern Ireland is to be able to unify the countries, broaden our reach as well as create a healthy competitive atmosphere that pushes young women to do their best.

Kathryn who entered the pageant world at the age of 20 and quickly won titles as well as spread awareness for our chosen causes is a great example of the candidates we would like to see in future.


Kathryn Fanshawe

Kathryn is a highly disciplined 25-year-old entrepreneur, philanthropist and equestrian rider who spends her time competing worldwide. 

She entered the Miss Grand pageant at age 20 and quickly discovered her passion for pageantry. 

Having won the title of Miss Grand Wales 2020 and competed internationally, she has firsthand experience and understanding of the international level of pageantry. 

Kathryn wishes to impart her knowledge to the future Miss's Grand Queens and help them achieve even higher heights. 

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